Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Blog Post Jitters

So how do you write a blog that's unique, engaging, funny, and informative when there are so many millions of blogs out there in the internet Bermuda Triangle?  I'm not sure you can.  Fortunately for you that's not going to stop me from rambling on about my own thoughts and musings regarding books, writing, and the literary world at large.

Now why write a blog about books?  Does anyone even read anymore?  Of course.  It might not always be a traditional hard-bound book, but any reading is good.  Although I do go into full book-collector-snob mode when I see someone with a Kindle.  I'm trying not to do that though.

I can remember the Midwest summers of my childhood reading under the covers with a flashlight.  I really did this more for theatricality than anything else.  I'm sure my mom would have encouraged my nocturnal reading sessions since she has been pushing books on me my entire life.  A good book, glasses, and a book light are to her what a spoon, lighter, and meth are to an addict.  Hey, I just used a simile!  That college education really did pay off.  Anyway, my mom made me love books.  I remember learning the alphabet (or at least part of it) by reading the spines of Sue Grafton's "alphabet mysteries."  Doesn't everyone?

Now, I actually read what's inside Sue Grafton's books along with dozens of other writers.  I hope to do weekly reviews of some of my favorite books along with giving some background info about their creators.  My ramblings will probably veer off in a hundred different directions like some ill-fated Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, but I'll try to keep my thoughts on track.  So here's to me writing something worth reading and hoping you'll enjoy it too.

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  1. So help me God, Patrick...if this ends up being a tangent free blog...I will be very disappointed. I demand your literary thoughts and ramblings of life. I have spoken.